RP Info, Kinks and Plots

I've been roleplaying since about 2015, and have gotten a lot of experience since. My discord is and will always be alt0198 so if you would like to RP feel free to add me (I keep DMs open to everyone, so make sure to message me when you add me, we don't need to be friends or have a server in common to do so).

I prefer a casual RP style; I do not stress length too much, but in generl my responses will be around 2-4 mobile discord lines. I usually play a female or futanari character, and I am open to whatever/whoever you would like to play as. I am open to a wide range of plots, including OC plots and those involving characters and fandoms I like.

I always love different and interesting plots. The kinkier and filthier, the better. Weird, crazy, and creative plot ideas are always appreciated, especially if it's an idea I've never heard before. Common vanilla plots are alright, but you're much more likely to get my attention with something new and unusual.


I enjoy many kinks, and I am open to discussing almost any kink that is not included as one of my limits further below. The following are some of my favorite kinks, but this is not an exhaustive list and if there are any other kinks you would like I may be open to them. I love to get extremely kinky, filthy and weird, with respect to my limits of course.


I only have a few limits, as I am very kinky. I am not overly sensitive and I've seen it all, so mentioning one of my limits will not bother me, but it will be a turn-off for rp. These are not all of my turn-offs, but all of the things listed below are hard limits for me, meaning I will most likely refuse to use them.

Plots and characters to be added